How to use OKAY SOCKS design template kit design lable? 2018年3月24日 – Posted in: Design socks

A complete pair of socks, ultimately, packaging, tag/tag is the most basic sock packaging, we do a template for packaging design according to the needs of most customers, speed up the design of customer tag/tag, after all, time is very important for customers and us. We don’t need to design during the sample production stage. We only need to design the tag/tag before mass production.

Before you start: Check out our socks design guide

This tag/tag design template is actually a quick way, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to all socks. Follow the suggestions in the links below before you start designing your tag/tag.


Please make sure that you meet the following conditions:
1. We have downloaded our tag/tag design template file. How to download? click here
2. The necessary software on the computer: Adobe Illustrator
3. Can access the Internet

Then check the template file that you downloaded. We provide two kinds of sock label design, including “OKAY SOCKS” and “OKAY SOCKS”.
The following figure is the reference of your choice of template. Please select the template file you need to use according to the schematic:

If these are all ready, you can start designing.

The first step: modify the flat sock design, the file name “Flat”

Open “Flat” with Adobe Illustrator. You can see the following picture:

If you need to choose some of the color suggestions can take a look at our article
Connect to color selection
There is a sign that shows where this part will be displayed, and you can design it against it.

The second step: view the effect chart, do some detailed supplements, open the file “Design”

The design preview will automatically apply your flat design. Now you can see the effect. If you are not satisfied, you can modify “Flat” again. “Design” will be automatically updated with it.
After completing the previous design you need to add the colors you use to the list, like this:

Most of the work has now been completed. If you have more than one design, you need to add a number.

Note: If you need a better and more elaborate design, you need a professional designer. This template is just a reference, you can also modify or use your own sock design, there is no limit in this regard.