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This is a guide to designing custom socks at OKAY SOCKS. Please read this article in detail to ensure that we can perfectly restore your thoughts about your socks.

Before socks need to be prepared for many things, the first step is to design socks. Socks are different from other clothing and printing industries. Read this guide, every pattern you design on the screen, and we will restore it to your socks for you.

1. Your socks inspiration

You need to know what style or style of socks you need. We often see diamonds, dots, stripes, etc. are your starting points for creativity. Our machines can support many different styles of socks.

1.1 Arrangement

How to arrange your pattern or shape? We have the following suggestions, check out the products we have done to find your inspiration:
Horizontal arrangement Vertical arrangement Tile Large pattern
You need to pay attention to the use of a suitable picture size, it is too easy to deform with the socks stretched too small pattern is not easy to clear.

1.2 Color

Color is a good way to express a sense of design, you can choose a color, and then in the extension, such as: red/green, think of watermelon, cherries, strawberries, we put them together to see, not bad.

It should be noted that the number of colors will affect the production of socks, and more colors require more operations. In general, all colors on a sock should not exceed six. When using less colors, more complex patterns will show better. If you turn over a sock, you will find that there are color changes where Cut the thread inside the socks and design your color appropriately so that it will make fewer production errors and increase the yield.
The accuracy of color is more important in the production of socks. The following article tells you how to ensure that the colors you design use is accurate:
Connect to: Use color in your socks design

2. Text on socks

For text on socks, keep it 168 pixels wide (168 pin socks, each pin can be regarded as a pixel) for legibility to be clearly identifiable for readability. Below this size, the text becomes unrecognizable. If there is a text or text sign that must be included, in order not to be distorted by the stretching of the socks, it is recommended to place it on the soles of the feet and use bold, he will be clear and will not affect other patterns.

3. logo

Our past experience shows that different logos have different knit effects. Complex lines, more colors, smaller logos will not be easy to achieve, gradients cannot be achieved through the knitting, simple color less signs are more likely to show, get better results.

Finally: Let us turn your design into reality

You only need give us your design. Our technicians will turn him into a document that can be recognized by the sock weaving machine, transforming your design into a thread on the machine.

You can check the following article for more details on custom socks:

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