Custom socks MOQ for different yarn 2018年4月11日 – Posted in: Socks Manufacturing

MOQ(minimum order quantity) price affect the product price and our production arrangement, we have been required for new customers.

Okaysocks is a socks manufacture factory, produces socks in large quantities every day for more than 10 years, and most of our customers don’t have to worry about MOQ (because they always have a large enough number). With the growth of the global business, with more and more customers are looking for some low MOQ socks factory. We hope to grow with customers, but we also need profit. So we calculated the minimum order that we could provide, and ensured our factory would not lose money.

And we hope to achieve win-win results through high-quality socks and satisfactory communication services.

MOQ of different yarns socks(If you need more like embroidery, lace cuff, print, sock glue, etc. MOQ will change, need contact us.):

YARN Regular Cotton Combed Cotton Merceized Cotton Wool Bamboo Polyester
MOQ(pair) 1200 2400 2400 2400 2400 1200

All your designs / sizes of socks need to reach the MOQ, which means that if you need two designs for regular cotton socks, each design needs three sizes, All sock MOQ is 6*1,200=7,200 pairs.

We have more information about socks customization / manufacture: