How it works

Sock machines are knitting socksSlide thumbnail
OKAY SOCKS factory workshop, We are producing socks.
Sock Boarding workshop
Boarding workshop, one worker is checking the finalized socks, and the next step is packing.
okay socks office room
Office room, About your question, we try to answer for you.
OKAY SOCKS photo with our customers at the exhibition
We are looking forward to talking with you at the Fair.
packing the customer's socks
Packaging workshop, worker is packing some cotton socks.
socks sample room
Sample room, Some socks we produce for your reference.
Production workshop, machine is in operation
Production workshop, machine is in operation
socks Boarding and worker
Boarding workshop, there sports socks are still on the Boarding machine.
socks Boarding workshop
Boarding workshop, some cotton socks are still on the Boarding machine.
Socks sample on the table
sample room, products wait for customers to inspect.
okay socks factory storehouse
Warehouse, socks waiting for containers to transport

HOW DOES SOCKS MANUFACTURING WORK? The work flow and some details of the socks production

Sock customization is very simple:

You need your own design socks, And we can produce it.

But in order to make the socks perfect, we have a lot of work to do. such as:

  1. Raw material, including color, different material, yarn size, yarn ratio.
  2. About socks , sizes, weight, design, sock quality requirement.
  3. Socks packing, private label / tags, Outer packing … etc.

You can click to learn more about the detail’s of the production process.


OKAY SOCKS one-stop socks manufacturing solution, so that you will not feel the customization process is complex, just tell us your request, we will solve other problems for you.

Please follow the guidelines and tell us your requirements:


A designer for the design of socks

Socks & Packaging Design


Detailed information like color, yarn and size

Detailed information like color, yarn and size


Samples Make & Approval

Samples Making & Approval


Pay deposit in advance

Pay xx% deposit in advance


Bulk products And Label Production

Bulk products And Label Production


Pay for the balance

Pay for the balance


Arrange lading and shipping


1.Socks & Packaging Design Prepare your design, including socks, packing, hanging cards, boxes. You can also do it according to our standard design template.


The socks design is the beginning of the custom production of socks, and it is very important. Our socks design template can help you.

Lable & Packaging

Let others know your brand through packaging, We support customize your own packaging, usually put the logo in hangtags or band labels.


We need accurate color, and the international standard of color can make the color of the design accurately conveyed. PANTONE COLOR is a very popular solution.

2.Detailed socks information Confirm your order details information, color, yarn , size and quantity.


What size is what you need, we need to know clearly before production. You can click the button to see our guide to the size of the socks.


The quantity has a great influence on the price, Confirm your socks quantity for different designs and sizes. can click MOQ & price know more.


Common socks include cotton, polyester and spandex. We can also make some changes according to your need. We have a lot of experience.

3.Samples Make and Approval We produce samples for reference to you until you are satisfied.

OKAY SOCKS is a factory. Usually, we need to charge the sample fee to avoid the risk. Don’t worry, the sample fee will be refunded after you confirm the bulk production.

3.1 Confirm your design, size, yarn component, colors.

3.2 Pay your sample cost, by wire transfer or paypal.

3.3 We will use a week to half a month to make samples.

3.3 The sample will be sent to your designated address by express.

3.4 Check the sample, and if you are not satisfied, we will modify it.


4.Upfront payment Pay upfront before production

upfront payment

The new cooperative customers need to pay the 30-50% deposit

And our long – working customers will have more flexible payment methods.

There are a variety of options for payment, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram…

You can trust us. We always welcome you to visit our factory at any time. Trust is always set up.

5.Bulk products And Label Production Starting in bulk production, we will take care of everything. Production takes at least 30-45 days or longer. Different socks will have different production cycles. The process of bulk production same as make samples.


Our coding team will convert your design into machine code, and the knitting machine can read and weave your design.


We have chosen the right yarns at the stage of the sample production, Now we need more raw materials. If need customize color, We need more time for yarn dyed.


The sock knitting machine will run the knitting program and the design will be realized preliminarily. Our machines can produce socks for 96N, 144N, 168N, 200N. In this step we will check the socks for the first time.


Now the socks are still canister, and we need to linking the toes. We will use an automatic linking machines or artificial linking, and now we will check socks for second times.


In order to keep the socks in good shape, the socks will be sent to the boarding machine at proper pressure and temperature.


The socks will naturally dry in shape, socks will paired by experienced workers, the same time they will check the socks color, length, weight, elasticity … etc.


Socks will be labeled according to customer requirements, Tags or brand labels for each pair of socks, and more outer packaging you can choose.

6.Pay for the balance The socks are ready, After the customer pay for the balance, it can be shipped.

For start-up orders, balance should be paid before shipment;

for big orders and existing customers, L/C at sight and other flexible payment terms are available;


7.ARRANGE LADING AND SHIPPING Everything is ready, your socks only need the last step, shipment.


Shipping is the most common and economical way of delivery in the world, and most of our customers use it.


The special logistics air line to the UK and the US, 8-12 days of delivery time, is a quick choice.


Inland trains can be delivered in Europe and Asia, faster than sea shipping, and cheaper than by air.


Express delivery is the fastest and most expensive way of transportation, usually we use to transport samples, or small amount of goods.